Peers Leading Education about Sexuality and Speaking Up for Relationship Empowerment

Applications for next semester are now open!


Started in 2015, Pleasure is a student-led effort to promote healthy relationships and reduce sexual violence at MIT. This fall we implemented a pilot program in Random Hall, consisting of peer-facilitated workshops on topics ranging from sexual health to communicating across cultures and value systems. We plan to expand to Simmons Hall in Spring 2016.

This program offers a pathway to create a culture at MIT with high expectations for healthy interactions and a culture that promotes respect and spurns violence. We aim to help each student explore and develop their own set of values and skills. As such, we strive for inclusivity in our discussions, welcoming participants of all backgrounds and perspectives.

Becoming an Educator

Applications for next semester are now open!

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Peer Educators act as leaders to facilitate discussions about a variety of relationship and sexual health topics. Educators are also empowered to support their fellow students with information and guidance about sexual health and relationship concerns. New members undergo a thorough training process before the start of each term, which prepares them to lead workshops on sensitive topics and support friends who face challenges in their personal lives. As members, Pleasure students enjoy the full-time support of VPR’s Vienna Rothberg, who coordinates member trainings and peer-ed workshops so that Pleasure Educators can focus on engaging with peers and deepening their understanding of healthy relationships and identity politics.



We offer six modules. Most are about an hour long and delivered by our Pleasure Educators. They are interactive, engaging, and directed at answering the questions that students most often ask.

  • Myth of Miscommunication: understanding yes, no, and ask me another question.
  • Sex education fair: plumbing parts, contraception, and toys
  • Values Clarification: understanding personal goals and boundaries
  • Identity Politics: understanding how our identities work for and against us
  • Intimacy and Love: dating, dreaming and breaking up (online and IRL)
  • Lay Claim to Your Culture: supporting your friends and shaping the world around you!



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